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Educating the Architects of the Networked Economy

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Organizations around the world are experiencing a shortage of qualified candidates to fill a growing number of networking positions in virtually every industry.

Cisco® Networking Academy® is an innovative global education initiative that delivers information and communication technology (IT) skills to help meet this growing demand while improving career and educational opportunities for students around the world.


Growing Need for Global Networking Talent
Networking innovations are enabling business, cultural, and personal revolutions. In many parts of the world, people use online services to enhance their skills, collaborate with others, and exchange information. The networks that power these services are also shaping the future of an increasingly-connected world.

As our reliance on networks continues to grow, the technologies that enable them are evolving. Basic routing and switching networks have matured into converged voice, video, and data networks that support dynamic collaboration, and global organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on networking talent to design, deploy, and manage these networks.

You can help address the growing demand for networking talent by joining the Cisco Networking Academy community.


Different Paths for Different Goals
Networking Academy courses are designed to prepare students for career opportunities, continuing education, and globally-recognized certifications. The globally-consistent and locally-relevant curriculum is delivered online in multiple languages and supported by classroom instruction and labs.

Networking Academy’s robust data management system processes nearly one million assessments each month. Student progress, outcomes, and objectives are measured continually and programs offerings are adjusted as needed.

Networking Academy prepares students for industry-recognized certifications and professional career opportunities in IT with the following courses:

  • CCNA Exploration: This curriculum teaches networking based on technology, covering protocols and theory at deeper levels reflective of university practices. Students learn the basics of routing, switching, and advanced technologies to prepare for the CCNA certification and entry-level networking careers.
  • CCNA Discovery: This curriculum teaches networking based on application, covering concepts based on the types of practical networks students may encounter from home and small offices, to more complex enterprise models. Students learn the basics of routing, switching, and advanced technologies to prepare for Cisco CCENT™ and CCNA® certifications and entry-level networking careers.
  • IT Essentials: This introduction to PC hardware, software, and network operating systems prepares students for CompTIA A+, EUCIP IT Administrator, and CompTIA Server+ certifications and entry-level IT support careers.

Changing Lives, Communities, and Countries
Cisco Networking Academy has been educating the architects of the networked economy since 1997. Networking Academy uses the two great equalizers in life—education and the Internet—to teach IT skills to students from virtually every socioeconomic background and region of the world. These skills help narrow the technology skills gap while enabling communities and countries to compete in the twenty-first century economy.

Networking Academy delivers marketable IT skills to approximately 700,000 students in more than 160 countries each year. The program leverages the global human network to:

  • Empower people to realize the dream of a better life
  • Stimulate the development of the global knowledge economy
  • Encourage long-term economic growth in communities around the world


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